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Connexion Bizarre update 20100412 [14 Apr 2010|12:14am]

Connexion Bizarre was updated on April 12th with new content (reviews, releases, podcasts and links).

A quick overview of this week's update:
"Strange2 @ Connexion Bizarre" with music selection by Strange2
"Tom Bad Sekta - *insert title here*" with music selection by Tom Bad Sekta
Reviews: Caustic "And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Vomit", |**| "No Exit", 16 Pad noise terrorist / tlic / cyperkid "12" split"

All the best,
Miguel de Sousa
(editor, etc @
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Grendel London show on 13th December 2009 [28 Nov 2009|03:31pm]
[ mood | busy ]

On 13th December we support GRENDEL & AESTHETIC PERFECTION in London at the Camden Underworld.

We have a limited number of cheap tickets for sale at £10 each; (no fee, free postage).

Order now to secure your ticket and while there is plenty of time for the post. Tickets will be sent out recorded delivery next business day after your order.

To order, go to

Any issues or questions, send me a message.


Grendel UK Tour [20 Nov 2009|01:10pm]

For anyone interested in catching the awesomeness of Grendel on their UK tour, dates are as follows:

Wednesday 9 December - Glasgow, Classic Grand (with Uberbyte & System:FX)
Thursday 10 December - Sunderland, Independent (with Uberbyte & System:FX)
Friday 11 December - Birmingham, Eddies (with Aesthetic Perfection & Deviant UK)
Saturday 12 December - Sheffield, Corporation (with Aesthetic Perfection & Deviant UK)
Sunday 13 December - London, Underworld (with Aesthetic Perfection, Skinjob, System:FX & Concrete Lung)

Don't mess around! Get your goddam tickets NOW!

London tickets available direct from System:FX for a discounted price, email for details

Tickets for other venues - or local venues

Grendel were fab at InFest last year, and this is a great chance to hear (hopefully... looks at the Grendel guys!) stuff from the new EP 'Chemicals + Circuitry'

For our EU fans [22 Jul 2009|11:39pm]

The Grendel online merchandise shop is now open!! Come pay us a a visit at

We are also currently accepting pre-orders for our new shirt designs via the web-shop, pre-order yours now and pick it up the Summer Darkness festival(Dutch residents and festival goers only) or have it shipped it to you as soon as we get it from the printers!

Grendel Hoodies Now available for Pre-order in Europe!!!! [10 Jan 2009|03:49pm]

We're pleased to announce that our new zip-up hoodie designs are now
available for pre-order for our European Division of the Grendel


Pre-order inquiries can be sent to either or dj.anti.matter @ Please
specify which size you would like as well as the quantity you wish to

Additionally, our new guy and girl T-shirt designs will be made
available for pre-order as well very soon so keep your eyes open for
further updates in the near future!

North America: These Hoodies are already available for order, point
your browser at and place your
order there please!

Get free reduction codes for Isotank, Music Non Stop or Infrarot by voting for your favourite label [08 Dec 2008|09:29pm]

 Get free reduction codes for Isotank, Music Non Stop or Infrarot by voting for your favourite label and magazine !
Side-Line magazine has started its 2008 voting for best label (and best magazine) of 2008 AND is offering FREE reduction codes for several online mailorders.
Take this chance to get new releases at a cheaper price !
We hope you enjoy this extra !
Kind regards,
|bernard| - [chief editor]
Side-Line music magazine
Stephane Froidcoeur
Leuvenselaan 251 . 3300 Tienen . Belgium . 
tel/fax 0032.

Connexion Bizarre update 20080908 [08 Sep 2008|07:50pm]

Connexion Bizarre was updated on 2008-09-08 with new content. A couple of new reviews, an interview, new installment of the "Business Traveller" ongoing fiction series, new links and, last but not least, the release of the second volume of the "You Are Here" music compilation series.

Compiled by NY-based musician/DJ/promoter Ben Dewalt (better known for his alias Terrorfakt and DJ Hellraver), "You Are Here Vol.2: a Compilation of New York Electronics" features a selection of tracks by emerging and confirmed artists from the New York electronic music underground, in styles ranging from Experimental and Industrial to IDM, Power Electronics and Rhythmic Noise. Released under a Creative Commons license, this compilation follows from last year's compilation dedicated to the state of Wisconsin (still available from our releases section) and will soon be followed by others following the same concept. Currently in the works are compilations for the states of California, Illinois and Massachussetts, with other states and countries already being considered. Scroll down for more details and download links.

Anyway, here's a quick overview of this week's updates:
Webcast: "AXXY.025.7718" with music selection by :JW: and "Progressive Daily Grind Release" with music selection by M.
Reviews: Prospero "Folie deux", Thelmo Cristovam "Thelmo Cristovam - Paisagens Sonoras em Ostro Hyija"
Interviews: PAsle Pettersen and Helge Olav of Zang:
Releases: "You Are Here Vol.2: a Compilation Of New York Electronics" (compiled by Terrorfakt)
Media: a new installments of Business Traveller
Store: be the envy of your peers by getting a set of Connexion Bizarre badges!

Also this week, we begin a give-away courtesy of the Norwegian label Zang: (see below for details).

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[22 Jul 2008|08:23pm]


The official video trailer for THE ART OF REVENGE is live now!!!

The full video will be available in September, but we thought you all would have loved this little preview.
Stay tuned for the official release parties announcements.

Thanx to SOLOBUIO VISUAL FACTORY for the awesome work!!!


FRONT 242 releases FREE 2-track download [05 Jun 2008|11:56pm]

Ahead of their time back in the early 80's, the Belgian cult electronic act FRONT 242 now makes an ultimate statement towards abusive audio compression by releasing the free 2-track download, "First moment", in 5 various audio sound quality formats:

1. Mp3 - 192Kbps (medium quality)
2. Mp3 - 320Kbps (good quality)
3. Wave - 16bits/44Khz files
4. Free Lossless Audio Codec (Flac) - for PC
5. M4A Apple Lossless - for Mac

It's up to the listener to hear the difference between the various audio sound formats and thus hear for him/herself what good quality audio sounds like. To get hold of this free 2-track download, which will hit the online world on June 15th, you need to register here : ! Pre-registering is needed in order to get hold of the free download.

Happy hunting... !

[29 Mar 2008|09:45am]

Джулия Бейер
"Путь к сердцу мужчины лежит через желудок", - гласит одна из феминистских аксиом. Попытка выяснить отношение к мужчинам, а также некоторые кулинарно-музыкальные пристрастия спортсменки, активистки и просто прекрасной женщины Джулии Бейер из немецкого ВИА Technoir в очередном выпуске кухонных блиц-интервью.


[15 Mar 2008|09:56am]

Рене Купер
Американские законодатели бывают порой крайне увлекательны в своих проявлениях. Противоречивый заокеанский мыльный пузырь радиусом в 18 метров комментирует канадская зомби-девочка Рене Купер в рамках очередных слушаний блиц-интервью.


[29 Feb 2008|08:56am]

Йохан Ван Рой
Еще свежа в памяти отмена в Москве концерта кровожадного маньяка Suicide Commando, оказавшегося добрым и пушистым внутри собеседником при выяснении с пристрастием действительных причин его так называемой "боязни полетов". Йохан Ван Рой собственной персоной в очередной порции блиц-междусобойчиков.


[27 Feb 2008|08:54am]

¤ Today's review quilt:

Blue Birds Refuse To Fly - Xenomorph AngelCapsize - A Perfect WreckCarnival Of Dreams - My Heart So WhiteClan Of Xymox - Breaking Point
Dark Distant Spaces - Dark Like My SoulEisenfunk - EisenfunkElmodic - MonoismL"Ame Immortelle - Namenlos
Moenia - TelevisorNonpoptale - Collected TunesRe:Legion - 13 SecondsSolar Fake - Broken Grid
Strange Contact - Hinter GlasThe Legends - Facts And FiguresXP8 - The Art Of RevengeY-Luk-O - Sin(n)


[24 Feb 2008|08:11am]

Эндрю Сега
Гильдия американских сценаристов в результате четырехмесячной стачки добилась ожидаемых результатов. Участник группы Iris Эндрю Сега сам лично не принимал участия в делах угнетенных писателей, однако выразил творческую солидарность с забастовщиками и прокомментировал состояние дел в музыкальной нише со своей андеграундной колокольни.


[27 Jan 2008|10:11am]

Ричард Пайн
В 2007 году Англия "пролетела" по всем фронтам: футбол, регби, Литвиненко. Хороший английский музыкант и поклонник "ногомяча" Ричард Пайн взял на себя ответственность проанализировать состояние музыкально-футбольной проблематики и предлагает свой личный состав на будущие сценическо-спортивные баталии в открывающей 2008 год серии блиц-междусобойчиков.


[31 Dec 2007|06:04pm]

¤ Today's review quilt:

Assemblage 23 - DefianceAssemblage 23 - Early, Rare And Unreleased 1988-1998Assemblage 23 - GroundB! Machine - The Falling Star
Cesium 137 - Intelligent DesignCesium 137 - Proof Of LifeClan Of Xymox - FarewellColony 5 - Knives
Din [A] Tod - The Sound Of CrashDismantled - When I"m DeadLola Angst - SchwarzwaldMindless Faith - Medication For The Misinformed
P24 - Gedanklicher FreiraumPurple Fog Side - Could It Ever Be Expressed?Raindancer - AudioRed Flag - The Lighthouse


[24 Nov 2007|01:20pm]


¤ Today's blitz:

Нед Кирби

4 июня 2004 года Марвин Химейер создал памятник себе нерукотворный, разнеся в щепки провинциальный городок Грэнби на родине колорадских жуков. Люди до сих пор рождают в его честь легенды, слогают поэмы и пишут в хтмле нехитрые сайты. Своими мыслями о культовой личности и взглядом исподлобья на события недалекого прошлого делится Нед Кирби, фронтовик американской группы Stromkern.

[kern it] Stromkern - Нед Кирби


[12 Sep 2007|10:09pm]


¤ Today's blitz:
Странные превращения Томми Раписарди в кубинского партизана на тропе войны с пиратством как антисоциальным явлением с поддержкой в виде тяжелых технологичных бомбардировщиков от Microsoft и Universal в очередной серии блиц-сериала.

Томми Раписарди [go for] DSBP - Томми Раписарди


[02 Sep 2007|10:38pm]

¤ Today's prog:
[channel 01] Combichrist - Fuck That Shit
[channel 02] Erasure - I Could Fall In Love With You
[channel 03] Nothing Nada - Red Armageddon
[channel 04] Plemo - Nitzpipp

[02 Sep 2007|10:42am]


¤ Today's blitz:
Грядущая концертная активность сезона 2007-2008 годов обещает принести RSC интересные дивиденды, однако не всем "светит" насладиться молочными реками с кисельными берегами, особенно местным музыкантам, считает Алексей Бойцов из питерской группы The-Pulsar.

Алексей Бойцов [goto] The-Pulsar - Алексей Бойцов


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